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Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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16" 406mm White No Staple, Box and Separate Lid
Large Christmas Rose
Best of Floral Sugarcraft - Alan Dunn (Book)
Butterfly Cutters - Set of 2
Bordeaux Flower Paste 100g
Autumn Carpenter Christmas Cutter Set 4 piece
A4 Icing Sheet
No.6 Scriber Needle Tool
Quilting Embosser (Mini) - Patchwork Cutter
Christmas Wreath Texture Mat
Muffin Cases - Multicoloured Polka Dots (Pack of 100)
Bookends Embosser - Patchwork Cutter
Ocean Blue Blossom Tint
Sweet Pink 4-Cupcake Box (Pack of 3)
Rose Blossom Tint
Shoes - Cake Decoration
Mini Edible Stars - Gold
Ivory Regalice Icing - 500g
Snowflake Plunger Cutters (Set of 3, Small, Medium and Large)
Star Stencil

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